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18 September 2012 @ 03:37 pm
I really just feel like rambling right now because I don't feel like writing my english essay that's due tomorrow and I just feel like I should probably write about somehting that I actually like writing about before I write something that's going to bore me to death while I'm writing it. College is hard and easy at the same time, it's pretty much just like high school but with the whole camp feel added to it. I'm probably the most socially awkward person in the world but i've actually made friends that are wonderful. I feel like I haven't slept in days but i'm still happy. I really just want to hug Harry Styles more than anything else in the world right now & that feeling is just stuck to my bones right now. I'm still incredibly pissed from Chapel last monday, I know I go to a Baptist school but I didn't expect someone to basically tell me how I should be living my life and what I should be believing in. Like if you want to speak to a group of people and tell them what to do with their life then you need to be in politics. I don't want someone to tell me that I shouldn't be voting for someone that I think makes a great president because you beileve that everything he beileve's in is evil and satanistic. I'm not going to start believing that everyone shouldn't have a right to love the person that they love, In my honest opinion I don't think God would let someone fall for another person if it was wrong (and that goes for real love and not the puppy love that you feel when you have your first partner or when you think you love someone so much that you'll never be able to live without them even though they're abusing you so much that you're either gonna end up dead or so brain washed that you won't be able to do anything else with your life except be with them). I don't beileve that you choose who you fall in love with and I don't believe that there's any difference in a relationship between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. If you're happy then you shouldn't have to worry about what everyone else thinks. Everyone should be able to live the life that makes them happy and why does it matter what others do with their life anyway, i don't think seeing two woman holding hands while walking down the street is going to kill you and i'm sure seeing two men kissing isn't going to burn your eyes. I honestly just feel like some people have nothing better to do than judge others and that's really stupid and you aren't getting anything out of it. Also, I believe that women should have the choice to do whatever they want when it comes to having a baby. I'm not saying that every woman that deicdes she just doesn't want to have a baby should go out and have an abortion, but I am saying that if I girl gets raped and ends up pregnant, she should be able to choose if she wants to keep that baby or abort it because that wasn't her fault and no one should be judging her, which ever choice she deicdes to go with. LIke why does it matter to your life what she does with hers? That saying I think that if you just decide that you're too lazy to use a condom or any kind of birth control and you end up pregnant than that baby should be your responsibility but I still wouldn't shun her because she dedcided what was best for her life. I just think that everyone should stay out of everyone elses business unless it's brought to you by the person it involves. 
I know that everyone's not gonna agree with me on my opinion's but the difference between me and some other people in the world is that i'm not going around shoving my beliefs down everyone's throat, I would honestly respect about 99% of things that people believe in and I'm not gonna judge you based on that unless you try to judge me on what I believe in. Everyone has the right to live their own life.